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Beauty Enterprise

101/6, Sarat chatterjee road,
(Near Chatterjeehat Market)

Contact Person:
Mr.Amalendu saha: +91-9331894185
Mr.Bakul saha :         +91-9831162512
Telephone:                  033-2678-5786
Fax:                               91-33-2678-8553

Beautyenterprise has become one of the dominant company in jewellery Box retail because of its commitment to deliver delightful shopping experience, aesthetic designs and value for money to its customers. Beauty enterprise has exclusive manufacturing facilities and this helps in delivering these three benefits to customers. Our main product are:

  • (1) All type gift boxes.
  • (2) Plastic boxes covered with leather coated ,velvet &imported papers etc
  • (3) Fancy stock boxes,showrooms , display boxes and decoration showroom
  • (4) Fancy and ordinary jewellery boxes for Rings, Tapas, Bally(Makri) , Bala , Chain, Neekless, Halfset And Full set, sitahar, Matasa etc.

Our unit is well equipped with all modern machines with skilled works. We are ready to supply any items which all used as jewellary boxes with in short time as per your order specification. If you have any enquiry about your items donot hesitate so please cotact us.

Contact No : 033-2539-0107

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